voting rights

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Voting rights

The right to vote on matters that are put to a vote of security holders. For example the right to vote for directors.

Voting Right

The right of some shareholders to participate in the company's decision making process, especially at the annual meeting or at other special meetings. Some decisions, such as friendly takeovers or whether to make a new issue, must be put to shareholder votes, though the list of what decisions are included varies by company. Because voting rights give these shareholders the most control over the company, other shareholders are compensated with benefits, such as guaranteed dividends. See also: Voting stock.

voting rights

The type of voting and the amount of control held by the owners of a class of stock. See also cumulative voting, majority voting, nonvoting stock, proxy, supermajority provision.
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It would be ironic if the tax laws somehow prevented the protection of lenders and minority shareholders by barring the usage of special voting rights that in some fashion dilute the power of the corporation's board.
Municipal annexations, court-ordered redistrictings, multimember districting, at-large voting or majority vote rather than plurality requirements in elections, and other decisions by elected officials cannot go into effect until they are approved by staff attorneys in the Voting Rights Section of Justice's Civil Rights Division.
Look at the aftermath of voting rights suits inthe South.
Number of voting rights proxy holder will cease to hold: (12).
The Board of Directors' proposal concerning the increase in the Company's authorized capital and inclusion in the Article 5(0) of the Company's By-laws, of a sole paragraph, which provides the possibility to issue common shares intended for adjusting the proportion between common shares and preferred shares with no voting right to what is provided by article 15, paragraph 2(0), of the Corporation Law, without grating preferential rights to the shareholders who own preferred shares, which article 171, paragraph 1(0), subparagraph B of the Corporation Law refers to, submitted to the resolution at the Special Meeting is based on the following justifications:
As a result, after July 17, 2000, the special voting rights may
All holders of Common Stock which qualified as Long Term shares under the old Voting Rights Plan on both August 28, 1995 and October 26, 1995 will receive Class B Common Stock on a 1-for-1 basis.
All Voting Rights on all Shares are controlled by City of London Investment Management Company Limited.
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction: Number of shares: Direct: 7,983,495 Number of voting rights: Direct (xi): Indirect (xii): 7,983,495 % of voting rights (x): Direct: Indirect: 22.
An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments which may result in the acquisition of shares already issued to which voting rights are attached: ( )
Situation previous to the triggering transaction (vi): Number of Shares: 12,802,845 Number of Voting rights (viii): 12,802,845