Voting right

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Voting Right

The right of some shareholders to participate in the company's decision making process, especially at the annual meeting or at other special meetings. Some decisions, such as friendly takeovers or whether to make a new issue, must be put to shareholder votes, though the list of what decisions are included varies by company. Because voting rights give these shareholders the most control over the company, other shareholders are compensated with benefits, such as guaranteed dividends. See also: Voting stock.

Voting right.

Investors who own shares of a common stock or shares in a mutual fund typically have voting rights, which allow them to participate in the election of boards of directors.

These shareholders can also vote for or against certain propositions put forward by management or by other stockholders. In contrast, investors who own preferred shares or corporate bonds have no voting rights.

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By definition, the residual includes the value of the voting right after the adjustment for company-specific factors.
Furthermore, if the Mitsui Group objected to any matter, the Mitsui Group had the right to purchase the class C common stock held by the Amax Group unless Amax elected to exchange the class C common stock for class A common stock, which did not have the special voting rights ascribed to the class C common stock.
In a scathing opinion issued this year, she ruled that the city had violated the Voting Rights Act and reinstated the city's eight single-member districts.
Voting rights triumphant, with John Lewis as the central protagonist, provide the powerful opening narrative for Ari Berman in Give Us the Ballot.
Why do you think voting rights activists chose to march as a way of getting their message across?
In the long-term, the Voting Rights Act significantly and noticeably improved voting rights and increased political power for African Americans in the South.
Following the arguments of Mr Turner should mean that only UK residents in Cyprus should have voting rights, which I understand would not be acceptable for the Cypriots and the other foreign residents.
Rumbles of opposition to the renewal of the Voting Rights Act were heard this past summer and grew loud enough for Republican congressional leaders to postpone a vote on the measure on June 22, 2006.
The key provision (1) of the most effective civil rights law ever enacted (2)--Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA or the Act)--will expire in 2007 if it is not reauthorized.
An "eligible corporation" is one where "the taxpayer holds not less than 90% of the issued and outstanding share capital having full voting rights under all circumstances and having a fair market value of not less than 90% of fair market value of the issued and outstanding shares" of the corporation.
Under pressure from the Right to Vote coalition, a voters' education group, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack announced in July that the state would restore voting rights to all ex-offenders who had completed their sentences.