voluntary unemployment

Voluntary Unemployment

The number of persons in an economy without jobs because they choose to be unemployed. An example of a voluntarily unemployed person is one who rejects a position while looking for one with better pay or benefits. Most frictional unemployment (unemployment when one is between jobs) is considered voluntary because one is looking for work rather than taking any job one finds. See also: Involuntary unemployment.
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voluntary unemployment

UNEMPLOYMENT that results from workers refusing to take paid jobs because they consider that the WAGE RATES for such jobs are too low, particularly in relation to the unemployment and/or other social security benefits they are currently receiving. Contrast INVOLUNTARY UNEMPLOYMENT.


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One new law from the General Assembly this year mirrors federal regulations and basically provides that courts cannot consider incarceration as voluntary unemployment. We also no longer need to get an inmate's permission to file a motion for relief from a child support order; we can trigger it through a data exchange with the Department of Corrections.
More precisely, for Keynes to be right we would need voluntary unemployment of all factors of production plus idle capacity in consumer goods industries.
* Secondly, firms should decrease marginal disutility of labour, with the objective of "diminishing" voluntary unemployment. As above, diminishing implies a host of actions that can be undertaken--to be forward looking, proactive and to anticipate levels of unemployment.
High birth rates, voluntary unemployment and limited modern skill sets have left the ultra-Orthodox sector among the poorest in Israel.
"Furthermore, voluntary unemployment is not likely unless patients have other resources for income, which is not the case for most cancer survivors," said the authors.
(d) Author points out that employment among age group of 50-59 have increased and voluntary unemployment has increased among youth.
If such a unified system for benefits and services for the unemployed is created it will most likely include the abolition of the voluntary unemployment insurance system, and this means that the unemployment insurance funds will either disappear or lose their unique importance within unemployment insurance.
In a thorough review of the DR economy published in September 2006, the World Bank said, "The unemployment patterns observed in the Dominican Republic can be partially explained by unrealistic expectations on the part of job seekers, voluntary unemployment while workers queue for better work opportunities, poor education quality despite official credentials, and insufficient employer demand for higher skilled labor."
The high levels of unionization in Denmark and Sweden, Galenson notes, have been encouraged and bolstered by the early creation of voluntary unemployment insurance schemes administered and managed by bodies closely affiliated with union organizations, an approach known as the "Ghent system." Norway had also introduced a Ghent system early on, but it did not survive and was soon replaced by a compulsory, public unemployment insurance system.
Extension of voluntary unemployment disqualification - down 9,000.

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