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A measure of a security's stability. It is calculated as the standard deviation from a certain continuously compounded return over a given period of time. It is an important measure in quantifying risk; for example, a security with a volatility of 50% is considered very high risk because it has the potential to increase or decrease up to half its value. Volatility may influence the type of investments one makes: one may directly invest in non-volatile securities, such as a certificate of deposit, but highly volatile securities lend themselves more to short selling and other forms of hedging.


Tending to be subject to large price fluctuations. Traders generally prefer volatile securities if they buy and sell on short-term price movements. See also beta.
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In all, only seven mosquitoes demonstrated this fast knockdown effect of the volatile oil during the three-month study and the observation was made only in the World Bank Estate, Owerri.
It was in consideration of these facts that undertook the investigation of the antiviral effects of the volatile oils obtained from M.
The results of the GC/MS analysis of the volatile oil of Boswellia carteri were commensurate with the revised literature to a great extent with some qualitative and quantitative variations.
Shell chief executive Jeroen van der Veer said the oil giant was "rejuvenating its portfolio" for a world of higher and more volatile oil prices.
Chief executive Jeroen van der Veer added that Shell were "rejuvenating its portfolio" for a world of higher and more volatile oil prices, which hit a record of nearly EUR112 a barrel yesterday.
However, BCC warned that volatile oil and energy prices remained an 'unsettling factor'.
FUEL duty is to be frozen until at least the Chancellor's pre-budget report in response to volatile oil prices, it was announced yesterday.
FIVE remaining hostages kidnapped by ethnic militants in Nigeria's volatile oil delta, including a British national, have been released, the Foreign Office said today.
Given structural challenges facing the industry -- historically high capital expenditures, decreasing and volatile oil prices and profitability, competition from low-cost alternatives, and global climate change --Chevron's continuing to pour shareholder capital into high cost, high carbon projects creates significant risk of unsaleable and stranded assets," said Danielle Fugere, President and Chief Counsel at As You Sow.
This vulnerability to volatile oil prices has contributed hugely to the competitiveness challenges of Caribbean industries.
The collected sample was identified in Kerman ShahidBahonar University, the collected plant was dried in the shade and its volatile oil was extracted by distillation method and Clevenger system in order to avoid its unfavorable changes.
The Kingdom's robust foreign currency reserves as well as the low public debt (less than 6 percent of GDP) are two important fiscal cushions in the face of volatile oil prices

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