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Rula Halawani and Khaled Jarrar's photographic projects are employed to inquire into photography's capacity to intervene in the visual field and the political order that sustains the uneven distribution of visual rights. For example, Hochberg reads Halawani's focus on hands in her photography as a perverse intimacy which existed at checkpoints prior to their 'modernisation' and transformation into 'new terminals' which minimise and annul direct contact.
In a release, the ICC announced that STAR India and STAR Middle East, both wholly owned subsidiaries of 21st Century Fox Inc., had jointly won the audio- visual rights to all ICC events between 2015 and 2023.
"At the moment, the definition of our visual rights is poor," explained Taylor, "unlike, for example, a contract with a television company which is well defined.
Also this year, Informative Graphics raised the bar for unified viewers with its latest version of Brava!, a multi-format viewer with advanced electronic redaction and Visual Rights persistent file security.
Visual Rights, a component E-DRM technology from IGC, is a layer that sits on top of E-DRM software, such as that from Oracle/SealedMedia.
Visual Rights, a component DRM/ ERM technology from IGC, is a layer that sits on top of DRM/ERM software, such as that from SealedMedia.
The saga began in June, when the Premier League placed an advertisement in the Financial Times,entitled a notice of invitation to tender for audio visual rights.
The saga began on June 19 when the Premier League placed an advertisement in the Financial Times, rather grandly entitled a 'Notice of invitation to tender for audio visual rights'.
A Football League spokesman said: "The Football League are a 50pc shareholder in FLPTV and have granted certain audio and audio visual rights. Regrettably, Sunderland and West Ham have, to date, been unable to reach satisfactory agreements with FLPTV for the clubs to utilise these rights on their official websites."
all audio and visual rights for ten courses (Exeter, Fakenham, Hexham, Kelso, Leicester, Perth, Sedgefield, Stratford , Taunton, Towcester) covers betting office pictures in Britain and Ireland, terrestrial and non-terrestrial TV, internet, interactive TV, premium phone lines, exploitation of data.
MONEY earned by the BHB from commercial activities is being put in "a safe place" after challenges to its supply of pre-race data and audio visual rights to bookmakers, writes Howard Wright.
Could we do both if, in 2002 or whenever it is, the courses just announced they were going to retain the visual rights to their own product and then pumped it out on their own (digital) TV?

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