visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
References in classic literature ?
Walking, it would be, I feared, since, for me, that idea was inseparably associated with the visual impression of Fyne.
Here matter new to gaze the Devil met Undazl'd, farr and wide his eye commands, For sight no obstacle found here, nor shade, But all Sun-shine, as when his Beams at Noon Culminate from th' AEQUATOR, as they now Shot upward still direct, whence no way round Shadow from body opaque can fall, and the Aire, No where so cleer, sharp'nd his visual ray To objects distant farr, whereby he soon Saw within kenn a glorious Angel stand, The same whom JOHN saw also in the Sun: His back was turnd, but not his brightness hid; Of beaming sunnie Raies, a golden tiar Circl'd his Head, nor less his Locks behind Illustrious on his Shoulders fledge with wings Lay waving round; on som great charge imploy'd Hee seemd, or fixt in cogitation deep.
And the visual appearance is filled out with feeling of what the object would be like to touch, and so on.
0 diagramming, and numerous other advanced modeling capabilities to the expanding pool of Visual Studio .
PrismWave's ground-breaking Audio Spectrum Visual Effects technology has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment and holiday display industry, offering incomparable precision, agility and degrees of visual detail.
announced today the availability of resources that help Visual Basic developers migrate their applications to Linux and Macintosh.
Visual SlickEdit v9 includes additional new features for developers using C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic .
As a member of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program, we see a number of opportunities Visual Studio 'Whidbey' creates for Elsinore and its customers," said John Lockhart, Elsinore's Product Manager.
What is needed are technology solutions that enables Visual Studio developers to easily create applications for the Java platform.
0, including improved performance and better support for the graphical designers in Visual Studio .