visible supply

Visible supply

New muni bond issues scheduled to come to market within the next 30 days.

Visible Supply

1. A new issue of bonds that is not currently being sold, but will be sold in the next month.

2. Commodities that are in a warehouse and are able to be delivered for a spot or futures contract.

visible supply

New security issues, primarily bonds, scheduled for sale during the next month.
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However, rail has historically been a separate, less visible supply chain, as we could only trace at the car/container number level.
We know that a highly efficient and visible supply chain is critical but the problem is that many organizations core competencies may not be in logistics and supply chain.
Pemsler says that in order to maximize potato profits during the holidays retailers should advertise and make sure there is an adequate, visible supply available throughout the season.
There is an opportunity to refine this conceptualization at the fuzzy horizon, by developing a more formal continuum in terms of the extent of knowledge that a focal agent has about a visible supply chain node's operations and processes.
This is because it greatly simplifies transport and provides all stakeholders with a co-ordinated and highly visible supply network.
Over the next few pages we'll take an in-depth look at how voice and mobility are being put to use inside today's warehouse and DC operations through the eyes of top analysts and suppliers who are in the trenches, watching the evolution of the visible supply chain.
The supply of bread is giving out, as the military authorities have bought up most of the visible supply of flour.
The Boeing Transformation Service will enable customers to better manage aircraft components, equipment, and materials by retrofitting them with automated identification technology devices, allowing automated data management and highly visible supply chain related maintenance processes.
Highly visible supply chains able to track the movement of goods, funds and information from seller to buyer enable companies to provide instant answers to their customers.
Oulu Office Supply services has invited tenders for the City of Oulu and the visible supply partners work and protective clothing, and other protective apparel as well as footwear.