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Pittsburgh, provides "hands-on" experience running a virtual corporation.
3 Manchester, Philip, "Rise of the Virtual Corporation - The Question Is Not Yet, But When?
Delayering and team-based systems: Another major trend in virtual corporations is the reported shift away from hierarchical structures of management.
A virtual corporation must form cross-company teams focused on specific processes.
The new training programs of the virtual corporation may offer a softer and more humane visage to its employees, but it will not offer any soft jobs.
Born from the need for excellent service, a virtual corporation is a collection of companies that come together for a project, then go their own ways after the contract has run its course.
Stepping through the electronic doorway, the communicator finds himself or herself in the virtual corporation and the glass house of transparent communication.
Contractor relations are vital to any company operating as a virtual corporation.
TO PROSPER IN THE GLOBAL marketplace, today's businesses are pioneering a new kind of allied force--the virtual corporation.
The virtual corporation of the future will integrate large, medium and small service partners and customers seamlessly and in real time through a service management hub in the cloud to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

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