video conferencing

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Video Conference

A meeting in which one or more participants participate by projecting their images on an audio-visual device. This allows one to attend a meeting from a great distance. Proponents of video conferencing argue that it saves on the cost of travel, especially in a multinational corporation. Critics contend that video conferences restrict the camaraderie and informal exchanges that facilitate the conduct of business.
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video conferencing

a form of interactive COMMUNICATION which involves the use of PERSONAL COMPUTERS. Desktop or personal video systems provide one-to-one video communications, usually by adding a video camera and a plug-in video card to a personal computer attached to a digital telephone line or office network.

Video conferencing can be a time-saving and cost-effective means of communication since it reduces or eliminates the need for business travel. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.

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Growth of the overall global video conferencing market has also been forecasted for the period 2019-2023, taking into consideration the previous growth patterns, the growth drivers and the current and future trends.
The system on video conferencing will be tested for not more than two years between the Davao City Hall of Justice and the Davao City jails, Court Administrator Jose Midas P.
He was of the view that such programmes would help bring relevant business partners together, asserting that making right contacts and finding suitable trade partners had been a major issue in the past, but PCJCCI was now a digital step ahead by offering its members this unique service of business match making through video conferencing.
Broad Interoperability Extraordinary flexibility as the GVC3202 can communicate with major third-party SIP and H.323 video conferencing platforms & services (such as Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Blue Jeans, etc.), popular Android apps, nearly all of the SIP-based on-premise IP PBX systems (such as Grandstream's UCM-series), and hosted IP PBX service (such as Broadsoft, etc.).
The new video conferencing system is among numerous streamlining changes the ministry is adopting to upgrade and enhance its communication activities.
It stated that video conferencing is an essential tool helping improve team collaboration and closing the physical and cultural gap between colleagues doing business across distances.
The survey of nearly 5,000 enterprise users found that a quarter of respondents use video conferencing on a daily basis, while over 85% use it a least once a month.
Reporting directly to Zee Hakimoglu, chairman and CEO of ClearOne, Regev will be responsible for the strategic positioning, business development and growth of the company's COLLABORATE portfolio of software-based video conferencing products, which includes desktop video applications, room systems, and infrastructure and management solutions.
Avaya today released Scalable-Video Coding, or SVC-based video routing, which is a standard, lower-bandwidth intensive method of multipoint (meaning three or more users) video conferencing compared to traditional models.
Businesses do face a huge opportunity with video conferencing, as a means of cutting costs while improving productivity and business processes.
North Dakota State University (USA) have been using video conferencing as a delivery mode for farmer education for about twenty years and report that their farmers find this delivery method both practical and worthwhile.
Under the French national project "1000 video conferencing systems for primary schools", a growing number of schools are being equipped of video conferencing systems.