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The event of a price movement that approaches a support level or a resistance level established earlier by the market. A test is passed if prices do not go below the support or resistance level, and the test is failed if prices go on to new lows or highs.


The attempt by a stock price or a stock market average to break through a support level or a resistance level. For example, a stock that has declined to $20 on several occasions without moving lower may be expected to test this support level once again. Failing to fall below $20 one more time would be considered a successful test of the support level and a bullish sign for the stock.
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Using released method to carry out free vibration test on indoor test model cable, the acceleration signal got by acceleration sensor of cable span is shown in Figure 12, cable displacement signal obtained by the frequency domain integral method is shown in Figure 13, and the spectrum curve got after FFT on model cable free vibration displacement time history is shown in Figure 14.
MDOF excitation and control systems continue improving and are standard equipment in many vibration test facilities.
Adding this technology to our product line enhances our already robust line of vibration test products.
Other equipment in the laboratory includes an elastomer and TPV flocker/extruder line, glass chisel abraders, an Atlas Crockmeter for chemical abrasion testing, vibration test equipment, an injection molding machine, a small scale Ross mixer, chain-on-edge spray equipment, robotic dip equipment, a tumble spray unit, MMD units, a MetalJacket pilot line, an off-line flocker, Instron tensile testers, salt fog chambers, UV cure and coating equipment, freezers and more.
has introduced RotorMD, a turnkey production vibration test and trim balancing system for rotating machinery such as turbines, fans, pumps, and compressors.
Following the consultation, ENMO recommended the LDS V8 vibration test system, which combines high payload capacity with high-level performance across the frequency range, making it ideal for Thales' many different application test requirements.
Managing Director of QED and is the result of many years of practical experience and training vibration test engineers.
Visitors to our stand will be able to see the system in action for themselves on our own 'Junkers' vibration test machine".
Ling Electronics, headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut is the leader in supplying electro-dynamic systems, components, and service to the worldwide vibration test equipment market.
Also running in March is the Vibration Testing for Engineers and Technicians course, which provides a practical introduction, explaining how to interpret vibration test specifications and apply them to a vibration test system.

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