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Similarly, many of the current socio-cultural concerns and debates surrounding issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender transition often resort to this potentially restrictive verticalized dualism outcome rather than explore what may emerge from attempts to acknowledge the issues under consideration from a context of horizontalizing polarities.
Fragmented systems Integrated systems Hierarchical organization of Networked organization referring services to one health territory Verticalized management focusing Systemic, shared and co- on command-control responsible management Financing according to procedures Financing according to outcomes Fragmented, discontinuous care Comprehensive care targeted at targeted at diseases and centered health needs and centered on on professional assistance multiprofessional assistance Irregular safety and quality Safety and quality standards Fragmented information Integrated information
- ALE will build on its success in integrating its real-time communications platforms with verticalized applications.
In our opinion, the 'verticalized' approach is essential to ensure control, quality, transparency, sustainability as well as a better value proposition.
"We've verticalized CRM into a number of industries, because, as you know, CRM is different in different industries," he said.
Coronoid, articular and angular process located high in the mandible, and the latter is high and verticalized. Short and conical canines, premolars not reduced in complexity, or even with extra cusps, especially in the lingual wall.
The inter-organizational relationship was highly verticalized and was represented by individual functions as shown in the first model of Figure 1 shown below (Pall, 2000).
Poe's determination to place his hero in a dark dungeon instead of engaging him in a planetary voyage is only an apparent refusal to conquer space as the author descends him in a verticalized space that proves to be a journey more challenging than any other linear, horizontal one.
OnCore Manufacturing Services has increased its product design and sustaining engineering capabilities and verticalized its supply chain to meet its customers' evolving needs.
During first three training sessions patients were gradually verticalized from 10 to 30 degrees, and stepping was performed at a rate of 38-40 steps per minute.
Alegant's refererence to these re-ordered rows as "unordered" removes the distinction between melodic lines and verticalized segments, the latter referred to by the author as cross partitions.