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However, in general, this area of issues is expressively dealt with through technical contents and with verticalized methodologies for transmission of contents, without investment in the qualification of teachers and professionals involved.
Business structures of this period moved from a verticalized model to a hybrid (vertical-horizontal) model.
All this dizzying motion happens in a verticalized space and in a time that loses the attributes of cyclic, regular flow.
In the sun whose rays descend upon the great and the humble, in the smoke that ascends likewise from the cottage-hearth and from the palace, this equality is verticalized right away.
HP's digitization offering also provides important information management capabilities that can be verticalized for specific industries.
But Despommier has another solution in mind: controlled indoor agriculture, verticalized and situated in our cities.
He argued that as the initial inequalities of ownership expanded, societies became verticalized because so many people would be needed to work for the property owners to maintain their growing estates.
Ruby stands immobile in this verticalized, reordered vision, where the last shall be first and the first shall be last is dramatically rendered as the spiritual corrective to Ruby's journey of faith.
hr, the server takes as input a UTF-8 encoded verticalized file.
Packaged horizontal and verticalized Web applications to accelerate implementation;
Asda and the Co-op differentiated themselves by having verticalized manufacturing plants, but the real differentiator was geography and customer makeup.