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I extend the existing scholarship on youth culture by proposing verticality as a frame that draws on Tehran's three-dimensionality to establish the city as a distinctly sexual space and to expose a young generation whose actions are motivated by a range of desires, not just resistance and defiance.
The balance of this first chapter clarifies Steinbock's choice of the Abrahamic tradition rather than others which are equally important, suggesting similarities between the three Abrahamic traditions which point to a mode of givenness or verticality which directs towards a path leading to a unity of revealed experience.
Perception of verticality is a sensitive test of vestibular dysfunction, but current tests (SVV) are nonspecific regarding the location of damage.
Friction-free bearings in the lid and a precision-ground shaft for the stirring element enable a 50% reduction in tolerances relating to wobble, verticality and centering.
The 23,000 square-foot, LEED-certified Environmental Learning Center serves as the "front door" to the MSC complex, and its glass entrance tower, with a lighthouse-like verticality, gives the facility a recognizable entrance profile.
New towers as tall as redwoods have imposed alien verticality on a formerly horizontal eastern landscape.
Prefabricated multi-storey concrete column deviation from verticality that generally cannot be directly surveyed after assembling intermediate floors.
Awe-inspiring walls like El Capitan in the Yosemite Valley offer a mile of verticality, yet it was here that Bachar made his name.
Lew is also inspired by the iconography of Chicago's skyline and has created a series of multimedia works that resemble the extruded towers and exaggerated verticality of artist Wayne Thiebaud's San Francisco cityscapes.
Often paired with another figure, his representations of the idea of female beauty are presented with a severe verticality softened by elegant, curving lines, as seen in this month's print in the woman's softly draping, multi-patterned kimono.
At the beginning, and occasionally throughout, there were problems with the verticality of some chords.