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Anne's reinforces the implication that negative verticality indicates evil forces at work against Maleldil.
In his chapter, "Line of Decent," Canadian Professor Derek Gregory grapples not so much with verticality (though he sprinkles such terms as "political technology of vision" and visuality"), but with the whole notion of aerial attack and the risk to civilians by surveying such operations from World War II bombings through drone operations in contemporary conflicts.
The issue of urban verticality has recently been introduced to critical urban scholarship.
To see how this works, consider the piece Verticality as the Speed of Horizon designates.
The Elasto Painters, who lost the opener over a disputed no-call in the last play involving Paul Lee and Marc Pingris where the principle of verticality was extensively discussed, called back-to-back timeouts before Reid took matters into his own hands, draining the 3 over Pingris' outstretched hands, the same ones which drew no whistle in Game 1 against Lee.
Verticality of the head is reached when this angle is close to 0[degrees].
The balance of this first chapter clarifies Steinbock's choice of the Abrahamic tradition rather than others which are equally important, suggesting similarities between the three Abrahamic traditions which point to a mode of givenness or verticality which directs towards a path leading to a unity of revealed experience.
Presently, the exact contributions of the CNS to verticality perception are not clear but appear to involve integration of vestibular input with somatosensory and visual information to bind environmental and postural representations of verticality.
Following her discovery of Fulton's fraud, Watson similarly reaffirms her faith, recognizing the "human need" (225) for a vision of unfettered verticality, despite the appearance of things.
KIRILI: I spoke earlier about how crucial the body incarnate was to me; it is true that I feel tactility to be necessary, but there's something else I can't resist: my profound love of verticality.
Wael Al-Masri, Chief Architect for WMPA (Wael Al-Masri Planners and Architects - Consulting Engineer for this project), conceived the ahlibank head office building as a reflection of Omani natural landscapes, with the dramatic contrast between the verticality of the harsh mountain chains, and the delicate layers of palm grooves and water features - aflaj, forming the vital oasis around which many Omani villages and towns grew at the foot of the mountains.
These (often optional) routes offer interesting graphical diversions and a new sense of verticality to track design.