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8 Among the most used were the Rickets and McNamara cephalom- etric analysis that had been employed to record oc- clusal vertical relations by using stable and reproduc- ible bony landmarks.
Vertical relations have received increasingly more attention from the view point of competition policy over the last years.
This, in turn, means that a proprietary software--governed by intellectual property rights, reinforced by public law--becomes the key to the vertical relations shaped by exclusive copyright.
Here the question of the possibility of viable community begins to emerge: How does the backgrounding of horizontal inter-personal ethical relations to the vertical relation between the individual and God affect the possibility for the sustained genuine relations between individuals that allow for the creation of community?
First, because it is not necessary; vertical relations with your former colonial metropolis continue to be more economically useful than horizontal relations--no pun intended
While vertical relations are and have always been crucial, the highest level of institutionalized IGR in Canada is the Council of the Federation (COF), a horizontal (provincial-territorial) body.
Sahakyan thinks that in case of vertical relations between Armenia and Russia, Moscow would not raise the issue of Kessab's
The EU executive concluded that the overlap between the tank-terminal storage activities in Northern Germany of the two parties to the merger and the vertical relations between tank-terminal storage and the wholesale trading of light petroleum products would not significantly impede competition because the transaction is not likely to alter the market structure.