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These results indicate that Arsenic concentration have been decreasing in both horizontal and vertical dimensions and on the other hand, concentration decreases at any point with time which is shown in the following diagrams.
The former goes along the vertical dimension, progressing from section A (1-12) to section D (1-12), and the latter is primarily concerned with the horizontal dimension, progressing from A1-B1-C1-D1 to A12-D12.
Planners should make common cause with environmentalists in conceptualizing the vertical dimension of urban topography, and architects and landscape architects must help, because they have been trained to think in section as well as plan.
Pump-tank stations utilize minimum floor space while emphasizing vertical dimension for water storage.
Built on a slope, the tomb is designed to enhance the vertical dimension of the entrance sequence that rises from a massive slate base that emerges from the hillside in rather the way that Peter Zumthor's thermal bath protrudes geologically from its Alpine incline at Vals (AR August 1997).
By crossing a horizontal category with a vertical dimension such as Petroleum, which may contain such categories as crude oil or solid waste, you would derive categories populated by documents highly specific to that type of business.
s own metaphysics of intersubjectivity in its vertical dimension.
The vertical dimension of species addresses causal relationships among species, and therefore its investigation must embrace several taxa.
In addition to military applications, NASA states, these flying leaf-blowers promise to add "a third, vertical dimension for sport utility vehicles.
To calculate the size of the book's cardboard front cover, add 1/2 inch to the vertical dimension of the paper and 1/4 inch to the horizontal dimension.
Given that the use of paratroops created a new vertical dimension in warfare, their unique role in battle demanded new, specialized and innovative equipment.

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