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The two vertical dimensions (VI and VC) had no effect, therefore, organisational commitment seems to be unimportant to vertical individuals who expect inequalities between people.
However, localization degrades differently in the left/fight, front/back, and vertical dimensions when HPDs are worn, suggesting that the relevant cues for sound localization in each of these dimensions are affected differently.
Second, if knowledge of the vertical dimension is asymmetrical due to learning, restricted mobility when young, particularly a lack of independent movement between storeys, might influence its development, as can happen with other aspects of spatial cognition (Foreman, Orencas, Nicholas, Morton, & Gell, 1989).
Rather than approach international relations as a system of unitary nation-states inspired by realist principles, which is arguably a partial and simplified portrayal of contemporary research, the authors favor a complex system of "overlapping, layered, and linked polities" that have both horizontal and vertical dimensions.
Then measure the shareholder value you've created (the result of your financial strategy) along the vertical dimension.
If you look at the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation as classic examples of apocalyptic literature, what they have in common is a vertical dimension and a horizontal dimension.
The tracer spread so slowly in the vertical dimension because water density increases with depth, inhibiting mixing of different layers.
In describing long-term trends affecting industries or sectors of an economy, one must take into account changes in the vertical dimension of production functions at the firm level.
The vertical dimension of each format is always 75 percent of the horizontal dimension.
Among the various prosthodontics procedures, full mouth rehabilitation is one of the most widely and common dental treatment for problems associated with dentinal hypersensitivity, esthetic corrections, loss in vertical dimension and problems in temperomandibular joint.

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