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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Islamabad administration to encourage vertical development to preserve greenery in the city and boost construction, and asked that the maximum building height be increased to 500ft in the capital.
Consequently, individual nations have been responding to the challenge by adopting vertical developments with commensurate changes to their policies and laws.
'But if you were doing vertical development and doing that consistently and with good planning, then Lagos as it is today would have been contained maybe in 1/20th of the size of its land that is being used now,' he said.
There are three basic hazards of thunderstorms and clouds with extensive vertical development: turbulence, hail and, to a much lesser extent, lightning strikes.
Depending on the vertical development and moisture availability, stratocumulus can produce showers of rain or snow.
support vertical development for Mindsphere, Siemens' open, cloud-based
We are making all out efforts to bring vertical development in Pakistan through these empowerment schemes to deprived talent of Pakistan with little access to quality education.
Commenting on Water Bay's estimated completion date of Q1 2019, Suri notes: "Assuming this deadline is hit, it will take us to our 30% target of vertical development."
In recent years, the GCC markets have witnessed the rise of some of the most ambitious, large-scale, horizontal and vertical development the world has ever seen.
He found that the etiology of AOB from seven to ten years of age is slow vertical development of upper facial part and increased LFH, combined with lack of development of dento-alveolus.
But a report in Politis , titled "The bubble of towers", suggested that the uncontrolled vertical development is causing headaches to town planners, warning that the town could pay the price of uncontrolled development, referring to the rapid development created from when Famagusta was lost in the 1974 invasion and refugees re-established themselves in Limassol.
These results probably confirmed that anterior (S-N) and posterior (S-Ba) cranial base lengths affected vertical development of maxilla and mandible, but did not significantly affect the mechanism of sagittal formation of Angle's class II.
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