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One newly launched multiband antenna (by Swedish manufacturer CellMax Technologies) offers 21 dBi radiated power on the high band with 4[degrees] of vertical beam.
Most notability, wave induced rolls expected during interdiction operations will exceed the vertical beam angle of the original antenna system.
Work on the runway and its associated exit points proceeded as expected and after the lighting work was completed, a mobile airfield light monitoring system (MALMS) test was carried out to check the accuracy of the average main beam intensity, the vertical beam alignment (elevation) error and the horizontal beam (azimuth) alignment error of the entire lighting pattern.
From the measured vertical beam size (12) the coupling is estimated to be of order 1%.
The current AD requires inspections to detect fatigue cracking of the vertical beam webs and chords of the nose wheel well (NWW) and of the inner chord and web of the fuselage frames at body station (BS) 300 and 320, and repair if necessary.
The servodrive for vertical travel mounts on a plate that rotates with the vertical beam.
Remote electrical tilt BSAs currently deployed in many wireless networks essentially perform vertical beam tilting.
In another room, a small, shiny, not-quite-full-size, white fiberglass carousel horse, held in place by a vertical beam extended from floor to ceiling, stood in a small room near the gallery entrance, a slightly kitschy, even unicorny icon of the childhood imaginary.