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Oral. Verbal contracts are enforceable unless they fall within the Statute of Frauds.

• Verbal wills, called nuncupative wills, are usually not enforceable.

• Verbal statements made by someone before death, and which would have the effect of increasing or decreasing that person's estate, will usually not be allowed into evidence by virtue of the dead man's statute.

• Averbal agreement regarding the location of the true boundary line between property owners is often enforceable; a verbal agreement to compromise the line between two property owners is usually not enforceable.

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The other 63-year-old Syrian complainant, a manager, said that the defendant made criminal threats against them while verbally abusing their family members.
The prosecutors said the suspect verbally threatened his wife saying "leave the house now or I will burn you and your clothes".
BEIRUT: Lebanese employers are not allowed to dismiss their workers verbally, but should instead issue written warnings specifying the reasons for dismissal, a statement issued Tuesday by the Labor Ministry said.
Officer on patrol on West Bute Street was verbally abused and later made police statement.
Though the BCCI has not officially communicated its decision of felicitating Sehwag to the DDCA, it has been learnt that on Monday evening the board verbally informed the hosts to plan a ceremony to honour the legend.
The MPTS hearing chairman Dr Linda Buchanan said: "The panel has considered the circumstances, whereby you were faced with a loud and verbally aggressive patient who was not co-operating and your acceptance that you were frustrated and exasperated by him.
The man was verbally abusive and behaved in a physically threatening manner.
When they have told the man not to do that he became verbally abusive towards them both.
On 24 June, a Nasr City Court sentenced two men to two years imprisonment and a fine of EGP 5,000 each, for verbally harassing a woman inside a mall.
Some of the intruders verbally threatened the organizers of the protest.
This letter is aimed at the British lady who proceeded to verbally abusethe cashier at a supermarket.
If all those who verbally support protests of civic association AMAN against price increases would come out on the streets, then these would be the biggest social protests ever organized in Macedonia.