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Oral. Verbal contracts are enforceable unless they fall within the Statute of Frauds.

• Verbal wills, called nuncupative wills, are usually not enforceable.

• Verbal statements made by someone before death, and which would have the effect of increasing or decreasing that person's estate, will usually not be allowed into evidence by virtue of the dead man's statute.

• Averbal agreement regarding the location of the true boundary line between property owners is often enforceable; a verbal agreement to compromise the line between two property owners is usually not enforceable.

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Linguistically and popularly, an appropriate response to a verbal stimulus is often described as receptive language or comprehension.
In an extension of Skinner's analysis, Michael (1985) suggests that VBs of pointing at, touching, and in responding in other nonverbal ways to verbal stimuli may be called stimulus-selection-based VB.
A verbal form of the definite conjugation, as a rule, indicates the person and the number of an object.
However, the traces of the 3P verbal marker *-sV exist also in those Volgaic and Permic languages that lack a separate definite conjugation--in Mari, Komi and Udmurt (see also Kortvely 2005 : 30-31).
The aim of this study was to investigate how nurses' reactions to verbal abuse are influenced by the role and gender of the abuser, and the situation in which abuse occurs.
While the entire Verbal Behavior methodology is deeply rooted in language development, chapter 5 and chapter 6 are vital for a Speech-Language Pathologist interesting in utilizing this approach.
The same child can emit a verbal response with the same topography as "ball," but under control of the reinforcement of receiving the ball in his hands when this response is emitted.
Wang and Kenny found that the negative effects of verbal discipline within the two-year period of their study were comparable to the effects shown over the same period of time in other studies that focused on physical discipline.
The scientists, led by Dr Mandy Belfort, wrote: "Our results support a causal relationship of breast- feeding in infancy with receptive language at age three and with verbal and non-verbal IQ at school age.
The survey, published to mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week, reveals that many youngsters are concerned about verbal bullying.
echoic, self-echoic, self-editing, problem solving, autoclitics) are discussed in Verbal Behavior, yet these topics remain severely under-investigated by researchers.
Verbal orders are vulnerable to misinterpretation and may inadvertently cause harm.