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Oral. Verbal contracts are enforceable unless they fall within the Statute of Frauds.

• Verbal wills, called nuncupative wills, are usually not enforceable.

• Verbal statements made by someone before death, and which would have the effect of increasing or decreasing that person's estate, will usually not be allowed into evidence by virtue of the dead man's statute.

• Averbal agreement regarding the location of the true boundary line between property owners is often enforceable; a verbal agreement to compromise the line between two property owners is usually not enforceable.

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Eso, al final del dia, solo muestra que, para algunos, la violencia verbal es liberal, democratica y plural, sin importar sus consecuencias.
The same child can emit a verbal response with the same topography as "ball," but under control of the reinforcement of receiving the ball in his hands when this response is emitted.
the degree of love, emotional support, and affection between parents and adolescents-did not lessen the effects of the verbal discipline.
En este sentido debe conocer por una parte, las diferentes tecnicas de comunicacion no verbal que trasmite en todo momento a traves de la modulacion de su voz o de su postura corporal por ejemplo y, por otra, tecnicas de comunicacion verbal como la oratoria y retorica que le ayudaran a trasmitir mejor su mensaje y a que este sea mas comprensible y eficaz.
Ross Hendry, chair of the Anti-Bullying Alliance said the results highlight how much of a problem verbal bullying is.
Why are non-verbal and verbal predicates often not encoded similarly?
First, it's important to recognize that the advantages of Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior (1957) aren't limited to just those individuals with a diagnosis of autism.
A commonly held assumption among most linguists, and SLPs who follow them, is that Skinner's Verbal Behavior has faded into history.