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Moreover, the available data on returns on private equity investments indicate that during the 1980s, non-venture investing generated higher returns than did venture investing, suggesting that private equity capital has flowed to its most productive uses.
We have been selectively investing in India for many years and believe the country offers an attractive environment for venture investing," said Peter Barris, NEA Managing General Partner.
With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the firm manages two billion dollars of venture funds, carrying on a tradition of hands-on, active venture investing that has continued since 1911.
Zon leverages the extensive operating and venture investing experience of the three principals to partner with seasoned entrepreneurs and help them build valuable businesses.
The Series C round includes new investors JAFCO Ventures, SAP Ventures, the corporate venture investing arm of SAP AG, and existing investors, Canaan Partners and Mayfield Fund.
Venture investing in energy-based technologies and projects began about seven years ago.
Benchmark's general partners take a team-oriented, labor-intensive approach to venture investing to deliver a superior level of service to the firm's portfolio companies.
Klopp has also had a role as a partner with the Bell-Mason Group, which advises corporations on incubation and venture investing.
If current trends continue through the remainder of the year, 2006 is on track to have the largest amount of venture investing in the U.
With a combination of hands-on knowledge, true-to-life anecdotes, factual examples, and irrepressible wit, Seed-Stage Venture Investing tells it like it is, demystifying the start-up process for first-timers, and providing more experienced professionals with fresh insights.
The firm combines a proven track record of entrepreneurial and operating success with top venture investing performance to support entrepreneurs in building the next generation of technology leaders.
Best Practices for Venture Investing in Europe" with Michel Lussier, CEO of MedPole, Chairman of Cardio3 and VP & General Manager of European Operations for Volcano