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A slang term for a large amount of money.


A package of shingles. Normally, there are three bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle.Most roofing contractors charge by the square or by the bundle.

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The four strategies in the ventilator bundle are advocated by the medicine-dominated critical care societies," he continued.
Offher noted that the four elements of the 5 Million Lives ventilator bundle are but a small portion of a lengthy list of evidence-based interventions for VAP prevention.
Current best practices for patients at risk of VAP can be established by conducting systematic literature reviews on the ventilator bundle and factors related to VAP and by communicating evidence-based findings through education sessions.
Current Evidence About the Ventilator Bundle and VAP
For example, rather than focusing primarily on reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia, the initial focus might be on how reliably the team accomplishes all elements of the ventilator bundle, as the science now shows a strong relationship between reliably implementing the elements of the ventilator bundle and the reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Lastly, a learning organization should select one or two key clinical processes, such as the ventilator bundle or community acquired pneumonia, and deliberately aim for the [10.
This is a vital part of the ventilator bundle over which the respiratory professional has little control.