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This information is passed on to the vendor for use in developing an evaluation services contract with a CCTL.
Vendors with all manner of iSCSI targets with a spectrum of functionality emerged and found someone interested in buying it.
While vendor collaboration surely isn't new to business, it's somewhat unique among school districts.
The concept is simple: the buyer sets up an online or offline "marketplace" (a Web site or procurement office notice board), defines and posts the service or product to be procured, solicits and qualifies a range of existing and new vendors, then invites typically no more than five of those vendors to enter the auction to bid.
Examination of the documents had revealed that although there were three different vendor names, they all had identical Atlanta addresses and used the same federal tax I.
These costs are or may become part of your federal, state, or other agency reporting requirements, and it is important tot your maintenance vendor to understand your obligations here.
Usually, these inducements depend on the volume or quantity of purchases or other factors negotiated by the vendor and the reseller.
You don't want to end up listening to your software vendor blaming your hardware vendor (and vice-versa) when your system goes down.
For users, the only way to verify vendor's multiple claims is to engage vendors in a prototype project, which allows testing for development, deployment, and performance of a real application component.
Then, when it comes to scrutinizing vendor candidates, remember that each vendor also has its own implementation style and process--and some of these are only better than others in terms of how well they suit an individual college's needs.