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And again, the broken vase had once stood on the book-case.
Was one of those two vases the vase that had been broken?
He knows how I hate her flowers, and he put her nosegay in the vase out of my way.
Heidegger, who sat in his carved arm-chair, holding the rose of half a century, which he had rescued from among the fragments of the shattered vase.
Even while the party were looking at it, the flower continued to shrivel up, till it became as dry and fragile as when the doctor had first thrown it into the vase.
Do you forgive me all--ALL, besides the vase, I mean?
You've done nothing but break a vase, and give us all a fright.
Offering a striking design in a monochromatic palette, this vase is perfect for adding a little drama to any display.
Featuring subtle distressed markings from top to bottom, this vase has an authenti-cally aged appearance that will sit beautifully as part of a collection or as a standalone piece.
99, Amazon See red on the mantlepiece Linea handkerchief red vase PS22, House of Fraser
As for the tools and their victimized vases, a breach comes into play between the delicacy of the vases and the objects' toughness, as well as between their respective periods of manufacture: the Sevres vase and its design going back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, against the twentieth-century factory-made tool.