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#BeingBahati, which is aired on NTV, is just too boring and valueless.
Describing the emails as a 'disgrace', she added: "In them, officials describe key northern routes as valueless, discuss classic handling strategies for Members of Parliament, discuss whether to throw a sop to northern passenger groups and debate whether to propagate myths in order to divert public attention from agreed planned route closures.
The smuggled money was meant to flood the local market with valueless currency, pay the salaries of new recruits, including children, and create a black market in furtherance of the Houthis' agenda.
Of course, the rise of the Labour Party, dominated by the English migrants, ensured that the Welsh language was not encouraged or taught in schools as being valueless, and a common viewpoint in the party today increased the decline.
This data-centric approach helps enterprises neutralize data breaches by rendering data valueless, de-identifying data through encryption, tokenization and data masking.
Equally, the people will be filled with disgust at the action of the public works committee in refusing the rent-free use of otherwise valueless premises for a few months to help forward the great work already started by the Emergency Accommodation Bureau.
But their financial drain aside, the real problem was that the Nazi Party considered these severely disabled Germans to be inferior humans --"racially valueless'' and "unworthy of life,'' as they were called.
With backgrounds in furniture design and art, the duo--whose company name stands for Design, Art, Means, Motive--is interested in transforming valueless materials into works of art.
According to TC, Senator Joe Manchin had recently warned that Americans will be left holding the bag on a valueless currency and called for either strict regulation or an outright ban on Bitcoin.
What concerns me most is the thought that the one thing everyone should be able to call their own (namely, their qualifications and educational achievements) is at a single stroke as valueless as the "dodgy gear" sold by the Del-Boys of this world when it "fell off the back of a lorry".
He could take action now on zero-hours contracts and the near valueless minimum wage.
Pleaded guilty to fraud by selling a valueless gaming slip receipt for PS20 on March 27.