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A person licensed to estimate the value of a property. The appraiser may take into account the quality of the property, values of surrounding properties, and market conditions in the area. One becomes licensed or certified as an appraiser generally through education, testing and work experience, though the specific requirements vary by state.
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One who performs appraisals of real or personal property.The various associations and organizations for real estate appraisers include:

• Appraisal Institute ( Offers the designation MAI, among others.

• National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA) ( Founded in 1961.

• National Association of Master Appraisers (NAMA) ( Founded in 1982. It offers three designations: Master Residential Appraiser; Master Farm and Land Appraiser, and Master Senior Appraiser.

• National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA) ( Founded in 1966.

• National Association of Review Appraisers and Mortgage Underwriters (NARA/MU) ( Founded in 1975.

• National Society of Real Estate Appraisers (

• American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (

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A professional with knowledge of real estate markets and skilled in the practice of appraisal.

When a property is appraised in connection with a loan, the appraiser is selected by the lender, but the appraisal fee is usually paid by the borrower.
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This generally guides the Surveyor / Valuator thinking on the best valuation method, in conjunction with the available data.
Even after a Financial Advisor / Valuator has been appointed, various steps in the privatization process need to be completed before concluding the privatization / sale of any entity.
It is the valuator's responsibility to choose the most appropriate methods, given the facts and circumstances of a particular valuation.
I recently sold a business where the business owner had engaged an outside valuator to determine the fair market value of the business before we were engaged to market the company.
(11) To compare the salaries to the market salaries, a valuator may review salary statistics compiled by Risk Management Associates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or income statements of similar companies.
A valuator would also look at the prospects for the future continuity of the team, including each member's commitment to the company and what management contracts and incentive arrangements are in place to retain key managers.
In making its recommendation, the committee considered, among other actors, the opinion of its independent valuator, RBC Capital Markets, which determined the fair market value of the Sobeys shares to be in the range of CAN $56 to CAN $64 (US $50 to US $57) per share.
The Means CostWorks Valuator software employs RSMeans cost data to prepare replacement cost valuations of residences for homeowner property appraisals and insurance underwriting.
As a professional, the appraiser and valuator must not be susceptible to ethical compromise and m ust act as a leader during this time of great change for the entire profession.
Prior to the IRS' adoption of PASS as its home valuator, the taxpayer was required to seek out an independent appraisal.
Once the appropriate information is obtained for a practice valuation, how does the valuator determine the price for a buy-in?