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Motel units rented weekly for $175 per week with little vacancy factor.
The 2007 vacancy factor was the region's second highest over the last 10 years, topped only by the 3.
In downtown Sarasota, with 1,750,000 square feet of existing space, the vacancy factor is 4.
Manoukian said new measures are necessary because of the housing crunch in the city, where the vacancy factor is less than two percent and every vacancy is mobbed by crowds of applicants.
Although the vacancy factor moved up a bit in the wake of Treasure Island's decision to totally close its doors and targeted closings by Levitz Home Furnishings and several other chains, northern New Jersey retained its longstanding position as one of the country's hottest retail real estate markets," observed Richard J.
The vacancy factor for industrial activity is sitting at about 9 percent for the county,'' Flink said.
Sublease space appears to also be diminishing as the vacancy factor declined from 21.
The current DSCR was derived by using Fitch's original vacancy factor of 5%, and the closing DSCR was derived by using Fitch's original underwritten net cash flow (NCF).
Ron Solarz and Eric Anton, Senior Directors of Eastern, were given the assignment to sell the property by ownership over 18 months ago, and along with their financial analyst Paul Nigido, marketed the property to investors and users given the 30% vacancy factor at the property.
The rental assessment factors in various deductions including rental incentives, a perpetual vacancy factor, lessor's "makegood" contributions, and non-recoverable outgoings.
With the downtown apartment rental vacancy factor near zero, demand is high for residential properties in the Marina District.