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United Nations

An international organization consisting of a large majority of the nations in the world. Its mission is to promote peace, international development, human rights and global health. It formerly helped prepare colonies for independence. It was established in 1945 following the end of World War II.


In newspapers and other media reports, an abbreviation indicating that a stock was traded as a unit share.


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate unit shares: WebD un. Also called ut.


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He said usernames are problematic because they are guessable and allow attackers to scour the victim's social media accounts and public records--and knowing an employee's email will likely lead an attacker to his or her Facebook account and a wealth of other private data.
The police have thus urged owners of CCTV cameras to change the username and password provided by the manufacturer.
Police have urged residents, schools and companies using CCTV cameras to change their usernames and passwords to avoid being victims of hacking.
In conclusion, Colonel Al Zaabi stressed the importance of exercising caution while dealing and using CCTV surveillance systems and to make sure to change username and password regularly, being the best protection against hacking.
being held back, but reporting a Facebook username and e-mail address
The trend demonstrated by fashion brands held true: only 28 of the Interbrand top 100 brands have registered their brand names as Pinterest usernames, while 68 brand names have been registered by unrelated third parties.
The survey found that half of the 185 popular websites studied track usernames and IDs and then share them with other sites.
Imagine then my frustration when I tried to log on, to see a message on the screen that my username and password were not recognised.
The realm is used to intimate the username and password .
Consider software like Password Manager that memorises and securely stores each username and password that you enter on a website.
If you are an MNA member visiting the new web site for the first time, you will discover that it is now much easier to get into the Members Only section with your own username and password.
Mr James also told the jury that someone read e-mails associated with Entwistle's username "ent" at 12.