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United Nations

An international organization consisting of a large majority of the nations in the world. Its mission is to promote peace, international development, human rights and global health. It formerly helped prepare colonies for independence. It was established in 1945 following the end of World War II.


In newspapers and other media reports, an abbreviation indicating that a stock was traded as a unit share.
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Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate unit shares: WebD un. Also called ut.
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Of course, once she receives the username and password from the team member, she uses it to further some other nefarious activity.
Ramsay said each member's new username must be unique and must be a valid email address.
Additional details about CORES modifications can be found on the updated CORES website on the FCC Registration Help page, which provides guidance for how to register a new FCC Username Account, register for a new FRN, associate a Username to an existing FRN, reset a Username-Password, approve or reject an FRN Association Request, update FRN information, and administer a View FRN Financial Info Permission.
* Have your CEO call the web company's CEO and ask (in a very charming, but highly authoritative and benevolent way) if he can get the username and password for his geeked-out nephew.
The username and password pair is authenticating by "something you know (the password)", with 2FA, it adds authentication with "something you have (a device)".
The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) apologised to users, informing them that their email addresses, usernames and passwords had been accessed in a data breach.
Dodi Glenn, vice president, cybersecurity at the Sioux City, Iowa-based PC Pitstop, cautioned, "TaxAct claims that they were not breached, but that the usernames and passwords of their customers were found from other sources.
However, if a trademark is being used in a way that is not infringing, or if the a trademark is registered on a social media site as another person's username, but is not being used, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to get the social media site to transfer the user name, particularly on Twitter.
Abu Dhabi Police said a loophole had been discovered that allows hackers to access footage if a device's default username and password has not been reset.
Official urges the public to change their username and password regularly to prevent hacking, maintain privacy.