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On an exchange, a transaction in which a security was traded at the higher price than its previous trade. Some regulations and rules on exchanges only permit certain transactions following an uptick or a zero-plus tick, though some, such as the short sale rule, have become obsolete with increased digitalization of the market. An uptick is also called a plus tick.


An upward price movement for a security transaction compared with the preceding transaction of the same security. Also called plus tick. Compare downtick.


An uptick is the smallest possible incremental increase in a security's price, which, for stocks, is one cent. So when there's an uptick in a stock selling at $20.25 cents, the new price is $20.26 cents.

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In addition to hardware manufacturers and software developers, storage consultants will benefit from this uptick," said Roy, "because the expertise to put all the disparate solutions together is at a premium.
Brandt pointed to the uptick in hotel assessments and said, "There is a perception that the hotel industry has turned around.