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In energy companies, relating to exploration and production operations. For example, an oil company's operations related to discovering new oil reserves and the pumping of new oil from the ground are considered upstream. Upstream operations may also include initial operations like political risk analysis. Some companies provide upstream operations exclusively, but most are integrated, providing both upstream and downstream operations.
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Of or relating to earnings or operations at a firm that are near or at the initial stages of producing a good or service. For example, exploration and production are upstream operations for a large integrated oil company. Compare downstream.
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Oil & Gas Upstream Activities Market Customer Information
Globally among the planned and announced upstream projects, Golfinho-Atum Complex in Mozambique has the highest capex spending of $16.8 billion between 2019 and 2025.
The upstream and downstream value chains of the oil and gas industry of Pakistan face lots of challenges.
In consultation with the law and justice division, the World Bank explained that introducing the upstream regulation in Ogra through a new regulation to the Ogra Ordinance 2002 would be a difficult task since this approach did not comply with the conventions of legal drafting and could be subject to constitutional challenge as it changed the administrative structure and the scope of Ogra.
With the Upstream acquisition, we will now have tech and talent presence across Asia, US and Israel, some of the key global hubs for innovation.
In summary, it said the 4 Rivers suffered flooding mainly caused by the interval torrents, torrential rains and flood peaks in upstream rivers except the Tatay River.
Petronas was required to comply with the OMO and must have the requisite licences or leases by July 1 this year, failing which the upstream activities carried out by Petronas would be illegal and appropriate action would be taken.
The two oil exploration and production companies with a robust financial background have desired through this MOU to exchange technical knowledge and industry experiences, allowing further discussion of potential international upstream growth synergies and possible partnerships.
"With quite a bit of heavy lifting and commitments by all the Upstream partners, it is wonderful to have our roll-out underway," said Dan Elsea, President of Brokerage Services for Real Estate One Family of Companies and Upstream's Chairman.
Certain DPTI shareholders, including Goldman Sachs Merchant banking division, rolled over a portion of their proceeds in exchange for a minority ownership stake in Upstream.
Certain DPTI shareholders, including Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, rolled over a portion of their proceeds in exchange for a minority ownership stake in Upstream. In addition to the DPTI transaction, Upstream announced that it has completed four additional add-on acquisitions: Personal Injury Network Northwest (Washington), Rocky Mountain Sport and Spine (Colorado), Lincoln City Physical Therapy (Oregon) and Southern Physical Therapy (Tennessee).
On Monday, ( DigiTimes learned that Apple is now expected to increase the number of its upstream supply chain partners for the Apple Watch.

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