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In energy companies, relating to exploration and production operations. For example, an oil company's operations related to discovering new oil reserves and the pumping of new oil from the ground are considered upstream. Upstream operations may also include initial operations like political risk analysis. Some companies provide upstream operations exclusively, but most are integrated, providing both upstream and downstream operations.


Of or relating to earnings or operations at a firm that are near or at the initial stages of producing a good or service. For example, exploration and production are upstream operations for a large integrated oil company. Compare downstream.
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The numerical simulation focuses on 10D and 3D upstream straight length installation configurations.
The production technology of the upstream firm i is
According to industry sources, a group should never use an interest-bearing loan to cover the costs of buying an upstream business, because upstream enterprises always entail high risk.
To facilitate a new business model and realign the management structure, (1) S1, S2 and S3 each merged into P; (2) P transferred "almost all" of the former S1-S3 operating assets (contributions) to three newly formed corporations, new S1, new S2 and new S3 (transferees); and (3) S4 merged upstream into P in a statutory merger.
8220;Upstream Works Contact Center Agent desktop is a role tailored interface that provides full multichannel capabilities and automation across your existing application set,” said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President.
Following the acquisition merger and as part of the plan, T merges into X in a statutory merger (the upstream merger).
Upstream from Atlanta, the water in the Chattahoochee River is clean; downriver, the chemical signs of human habitation and industrial activity abound, says W.
ClickPress, Mon Apr 13 2015] "United Kingdom Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report", GlobalData's latest release, presents the essential information relating to the terms which govern investment into United Kingdom's upstream oil and gas sector.

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