upside potential

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Upside potential

The amount by which analysts or investors expect the price of a security may increase.

Upside Potential

The opinion of an analyst on how far a security may rise in price. It is usually expressed in terms of the price to which it might possibly rise. For example, if an analyst believes that a stock trading at $10 will rise to $12, it has an upside potential of $12. Obviously, there is no guarantee that the security will actually rise to the predicted level. See also: Downside Risk.

upside potential

The potential price or gain that may be expected in a security or in a security average, generally stated as the dollar price or the dollar amount of gain that may reasonably be expected in the particular security or security average. For example, an analyst may feel that a stock currently selling at $25 per share has an upside potential of $40. Compare downside risk.
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