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1. An improvement to an existing product. Some companies, especially technology companies, offer upgrades to customers for free or at a discount.

2. An improvement to the quality of securities in a portfolio. For example, one may sell a stock with a given risk and return and buy another stock with a higher return at the same level of risk. Alternatively, a security may upgrade by itself; for example, its issuer may announce higher than expected earnings, and, therefore, a higher dividend.

3. An increase in a bond rating. For example, if a bond goes from a junk rating to an investment-grade rating, the bond is said to be upgraded. This usually occurs when the issuer reduces its exposure to one or more risks.
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to replace an existing COMPUTER system (HARDWARE and/or SOFTWARE) by a more powerful model capable of processing data faster or storing larger amounts of data. When upgrading, computer users can experience problems of compatibility with existing programs and machines.
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Microsoft had earlier urged IT managers to test the adaptability of the new update and roll out the latest update in a phased manner.
With Nougat, LG got the first update out to the LG G5 on Sprint after 91 days, just two weeks after the very first update hit South Korean devices.
Subsequent annual updates are approximately $866 and will be shipped and invoiced by Carswell.
Advisers would be required to provide clients with written brochure updates whenever information in the brochure becomes materially incorrect, and include these updates with brochures delivered to prospective clients.
The benefits of controller-based remote copy via synchronous operation include the ability to synchronize remote volumes with production volumes, to update secondary volumes with the exact same sequence as the primary volumes to guarantee data and sequential update integrity, and to eliminate data loss in case of a disaster in the primary site.
At the time that she made Etan Patz Update, Burson was an unusually famous contemporary artist, best known for composite portraits that merged human features with those of animals and inanimate objects.
Statistics reveal that much of the information gathered over the last few years through the Summer Camp Survey and Camp Database Update Form (formerly called the Guide Update Form) has not changed significantly.
Apple has released a new update to the iOS 12 to protect its user with a recent security vulnerability in the system.
India, June 1 -- Redmi is reportedly pushing the Android 9 Pie update for its Redmi 6 Pro and the Redmi Note 5 Pro handsets.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Microsoft released a cumulative update for PC users that are on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, build 14393.1670 (KB4039396).