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1. See: Close a position.

2. To correct a mistake. For example, if an investor instructs his/her broker to sell a security and the broker instead buys it, the broker must re-sell the security, and pay the client what he/she may have lost in the mistake. This process is known as unwinding.


1. To close out a relatively complicated investment position. For example, an investor who practices arbitrage by taking one position in stocks and the opposite position in option contracts would have to unwind by the date on which the options would expire.
2. To rectify a transaction in which a mistake has been made. For example, because of a misunderstanding, a brokerage firm may have bought the wrong stock for a customer. The firm must then unwind the erroneous trade by selling the stock just purchased and buying the correct stock.
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Without that control, those materials may stretch by a factor of two at the unwind, and that can create issues trying to feed material into the machine at constant speeds.
When the yarn unwinds backwards the angular velocity is higher as when the yarn unwinds forwards, which follows from Eq.
Were the euro to unwind, they'd be at a competitive disadvantage tactically as their system conversion would take far more time.
Peel cling is reportedly twice as good, while unwind force is in the same range as the other films.
Even the Australian Education Union now support our Plan, and it's shameful that Labor wants to unwind it all.
In the first book in the Unwind Trilogy, Shusterman introduces us to a world in which parents can offer their teen children to be "unwound," physically dismantled, every body part donated to other bodies in need.
I unwind doing outdoors activities, such as snowmobiling or skiing in the winter, and golfing and boating in the summer.
It was hoped participants would unwind and de-stress.
Raptor Series shaftless core chucks are designed for high speed sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications.
The new Air Powered Lug Chuck is designed for high speed printing, laminating, and sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications.
Clearly there will be substantial costs associated with an unwind, but this solution gives BT a better way forward than the status quo.
Just 20 and two years out of Canyon High School, Cheefa's co-owner George Erskin offers his customers about 100 varieties of foreign and domestic stogies for sale, plus humidors for rent to store them and a smoking lounge where patrons can sit back, unwind and puff.