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Senator Villar was even the one manifested during the plenary deliberations on the [Senate] floor for the DPWH budget that the huge underspending of the agency was due to politicians who wanted to insert budget for road projects even the issues of ROW remain unresolved and civil works will never begin because of the issues.
But a trust spokesperson said the number of unresolved complaints was 'falling hugely' with 50 left unresolved at the end of September.
Our Campaign is geared to mobilize cultural leaders—individuals and families, neighbors, educational centers, economic interests, governing bodies and the Faith community—to challenge the status quo in various cities and advocate for the closing of unresolved homicide, missing persons and exploited persons cases.
All unresolved murders in Scotland are stored on a cold case database.
The report deals with ministers' 2006 order to the UK Border Agency in 2006 to "deal with" the legacy of unresolved asylum cases no later than summer 2011.
Using these age-progression sketches is just another tool used by Unresolved Homicide Unit Detectives William T.
Summary: London Underground is to press ahead with new Tube ticket office opening hours even though a bitter row over jobs remains unresolved.
INDIA ON Monday welcomed the reported exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir from the United Nations' list of unresolved international disputes.
16 -- India on Monday welcomed the reported exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir from the list of unresolved international disputes.
ATHENS, Oct 18, 2010 (TUR) -- Chief Negotiator for Turkey's accession talks with the EU, State Minister Egemen Bagis, said Turkey and Greece could overcome the unresolved problems between them by adopting new approaches and discourses.
MC), Emilo Botin, has hinted that the chances for systemic failures caused by the failure of big banks were still unresolved.
Early in treatment it became clear that she had unresolved grief, loss, and anger concerning her sexual abuse as a young child by her father who had died many years previously.