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the extent to which a product fulfils its function over a period of time.

The reliability of a product depends upon its design characteristics, the quality of materials and components embodied within it and the care with which it is made and assembled.

A product's reliability is an important part of its performance in use and thus affects the appeal of the product to customers and the likelihood of their buying it. See BRAND LOYALTY. See QUALITY CONTROL, FAILURE RATE CURVE, PARALLEL SYSTEM.

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The doubts about the identity parade were not challenged, and Moore's reticence and evidential unreliability was not brought out in either court.
THE saga of Ernie the Eagle and Paul the Octopus in the Hancock columns (Mail, July 16) highlighted, in Ernie's case the unreliability of animal intuition.
There does not appear to be any spokesman for this highly subsidised and lucrative wind energy industry to refute the charges of unreliability, durability, no guarantee of maintenance and back-up in general.
The same unreliability applies during the evening rush hour.
Chief executive Bill Coley said it would be "totally incorrect" to assume that chief nuclear officer Roy Anderson was departing the company because of continuing unreliability of reactors at its Hinkley Point and Hunterston sites.
IN a recent article (Feb 3), Peter Meldrum spoke of the dangers and unreliability of hand-timing races.
Could it be that while chasing around Europe being photographed studying continental-built, redundant midget wind factories whose unreliability is well documented and anyway would not offer any permanent, meaningful employment to Welsh workers, Andrew missed the mail delivery from the UK Trade Secretary?
It is hard to believe that such a link between the main airports of two such major destinations does not already exist, particularly given the continuing unreliability of the train service -- with or without Richard Branson's Pendolinos.
Moreover, the unreliability of tape means there are no guarantees that the data required would actually be there.
Senam Okudzeto emphasized the unreliability of memory in the reconstruction of stories.
The main reason for unreliability in the Vale of Glamorgan is significant traffic congestion in its key urban areas, particularly on the approaches to Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, Penarth and Barry.'
The AA spokesman added: "People are deserting the railways because of the unreliability of the service.