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The department of Education progressed to an unqualified opinion with findings from a qualified audit opinion for the first time in 5 years.
Under that agreement, Journal Media Group is required to provide Scripps with an unqualified opinion of tax counsel confirming that the tax-free status of the spin-off of Scripps newspapers will be preserved in the event of a sale of Journal Media Group.
An unqualified opinion, then, is not a guarantee that an agency's spending has been above board or fully compliant with law.
The issuance of an unqualified opinion is not very common; it means that there were no questions or doubts on the accuracy of the financial statements.
An unqualified opinion and the audit certificate on the accounts were issued on the 29th September 2014.
And if this ballet virgin's unqualified opinion isn't enough, the applause and gushing praise coming from the rest of the audience confirms the high quality of the production.
DXMark was issued an unqualified opinion following the SSAE 16 examination, the firm said.
One CPA firm, New England-based BerryDunn, warned the changes "could be perceived" as a kind of "hedging" by auditors of an otherwise unqualified opinion.
This date coincides with the first, and only, unqualified opinion on the EU budget since the court began issuing such opinions in 1993.
The legislation will allow the island's public sector's bond counsel to issue an unqualified opinion, which Adelup maintains is necessary to pursue bond financing through certificates of participation.
An unqualified opinion and the audit certificate on the accounts was issued on the 14 January 2010 and the Appointed Auditor did not have to issue a report in the public interest under Section 22 of the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004.
However, all reporting agencies must receive unqualified opinions if the overall governmental statements are to receive an unqualified opinion.