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Since 2000, the company has sold more than 50 coal unloaders.
Simply by moving the Baggage Unloader into position in front of the trolley and extending the ramp to each stack of bags in turn, the operator bridges the gap between the conveyor and the trolley.
The Siwertell unloader stands 86 feet tall and can unload a coal shipment with an operating radius of approximately 80 feet.
4 System 298 silo & unloader 1,400 to 51,000 cu.
Based on screw technology, the continuous ship unloader has a totally enclosed conveying line for environmentally friendly operation.
Starvrac of Nimes, France, developed its Planetaire mechanical unloaders to uniformly remove powdered or granular materials without clogging.
The enclosed flexible conveyor, which travels from the bulk-bag unloader to the agitated tank sitting on the 12-ft high mezzanine, contains dust.
The machine is then cycled to its open position and an unloader mechanism with vacuum is used in conjunction with machine air to extract the pattern from the tooling.
The same forklift can receive the material and deliver it to a bulk bag unloader for storage or use, virtually untouched by human hands.
The five-station, bulk bag unloader system combines high-capacity structural construction with a centralized controls and automation architecture to safely and accurately supply to downstream process operations a total of 12 million 1bs.
Current owners seeking to retrofit the truck ramps to an existing RazerTail truck unloader should contact their local Superior dealer or the company directly.
The value of a self unloader becomes moot in two years (the gantry cranes are being installed to do exactly what an unloader does).