Unlisted security

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Unlisted security

A security traded in the over-the-counter market that is not listed on an orgainzed exchange.

Unlisted Security

A stock that is not traded on an exchange. Very often, unlisted securities are very small and do not trade on an exchange because they do not meet market capitalization requirements. Unlisted securities may be traded informally (theoretically, one may stand on a street corner and sell his/her stocks), but the term usually refers to securities traded through a dealer network. They are also called over-the-counter securities.

unlisted security

A security that trades only in the over-the-counter market. Compare listed security.

Unlisted security.

A security, such as a stock, is unlisted when it does not meet the listing requirements or pay the listing fee of any of the organized exchanges or markets.

Unlisted stock may be traded over-the-counter (OTC), however, and its price and volume may be tracked in the Pink Sheets or on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

In most cases, unlisted stocks are thinly traded because they do not get much attention from the media or financial analysts, and so may be too risky for many investors.

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For unlisted real estate developers, we circulated a comprehensive questionnaire," said a company spokesman.
However, CEM's methodology for de-lagging Unlisted Real Estate returns shows the actual correlation between this asset and Listed Equity REITs is 0.
Moreover, the losses are larger for acquirers of unlisted targets than for acquirers of listed targets.
The Company has also executed an underwriting of its unlisted options that expire 30 November 2010 with Sydney based Notegrin Pty Ltd, ensuring the company will receive the full value of these outstanding one cent options , which is approximately A$910,000.
Unlisted infrastructure funds are generally financial vehicles, usually with a limited partnership-type structure, that are not listed on stock markets.
Those venture capital firms will have to adjust their investments in the unlisted firms in two years, which can be extended by one year upon request.
John Lewis Partnership - The unlisted department store and retail group said it might increase the retirement age at its final-salary scheme to 65 from 60.
Meanwhile, all other Annex II "Green list" material not wanted under normal commercial rules, now including GO010 (of certain metals and alloys) and GC020 (of printed circuit boards), become automatically "Red controlled," as do unlisted non-hazardous wastes.
Its vote was welcomed by EU internal market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy: "We improve disclosure for the most complex listed and unlisted companies and at the same time allow member states much more scope for reducing burdens on small and medium-sized companies.
Solomon has an unlisted telephone number and could not be reached for comment.
UNLISTED companies across Wales are being warned to prepare for the introduction of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in two years' time.
If all else fails, you may want to change to an unlisted phone number.