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A group of securities, assets or anything else with similar characteristics. One may consider, for example, a universe of stocks in the same industry. Universes are useful when comparing one data point to others in order to maintain control over systematic factors.


In the world of investments, the word universe refers to a specific group or category of investments that share certain characteristics.

A universe might be the stocks that are included in a particular index, the stocks evaluated by a particular analytical service, or all the stocks in a particular industry.

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Giving money away freely also breaks the psychological attachment to it, he said, which could be the real reason the practice is so universally preached.
The result is a more consistent, legally defensible set of policies; increased efficiency; and increased assurance that legal holds are applied promptly and universally.
The Michigan Welcome Center projects are the first to be universally accessible, representing Michigan's long-term commitment to accessibility, diversity, and families.
The large number of loved and almost universally known tunes originally composed for musicals (the jacket says that almost 100 are excerpted here) is impressive.
How much more universally appealing can you get than Madonna?
These events are sometimes described merely as "lunar transient phenomena," for lack of a universally accepted way to explain them.
WAAT's leadership position and universally adopted ratings system for deploying age verified content will allow us to rapidly and responsibly build our mobile presence," stated Joe Francis, Founder & CEO of Mantra Films.
Kellogg Foundation to build universally accessible play areas at the state's two most- visited Welcome Centers.
Perhaps if there were a universally recognized hand signal for ``I'm sorry,'' instead of the one-finger salute that is so popular these days, our freeways would be a happier, and possibly safer place.
CHICAGO -- IG2 is a unique collaboration platform that integrates voice, video, and data; and makes collaboration universally accessible and for both individuals and groups
When a manufactured home is universally designed from the start, it simplifies life for everyone, regardless of life stage or abilities.
This is the first time Barbasol has ever placed a face on its cans, which are universally known for their barber pole design.