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A group of securities, assets or anything else with similar characteristics. One may consider, for example, a universe of stocks in the same industry. Universes are useful when comparing one data point to others in order to maintain control over systematic factors.


In the world of investments, the word universe refers to a specific group or category of investments that share certain characteristics.

A universe might be the stocks that are included in a particular index, the stocks evaluated by a particular analytical service, or all the stocks in a particular industry.

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The experience of the universality that became possible once we came to share a modern language opened up the possibility of a future that we would now have in common.
Franklin is correct in his conclusions as far as the particular historical situation is concerned, but what is embedded in the preamble of the Declaration is a rhetorical gesture which in its abstract universality exceeds the specific moment of the revolution led by Northern merchants and Southern slave owners.
In practical terms, the emphasis on ecclesial universality and unity translates into a recentralization of authority in the hands of the clergy.
The proletariat is then conceived of as a universal class in two quite distinct senses: in the sense that it is universally dispossessed and therefore lacks any particular interest to defend; and in the sense that the negative universality of capitalist exploitation is converted into the positive universality of what Marx would elsewhere call "poetry of the revolution.
The third dimension of universality involves the extent of health service coverage.
Mu'min describes those factors which compose the formation of modern Shi'i Islamic movements -- universality vs.
Disabled advocates talk a lot about the Web's need for "universality," but what's going on here is in fact a retreat from universality on the vital issue of who among us gets to publish.
Let me suggest that Roberts's own conception of transcendence or universality is curiously ahistorical.
But her greater contribution has been to bring a sensitive and sophisticated voice to a larger issue: the universality of black fiction and black authors.
I see this trajectory as a universality of intent, as distinguished from a universality of origin or of end.
Philosophical historicism is indeed self-refuting if it claims something like this: "All truths necessarily are, and always will be, relative to particular historical horizons," for presumably this holds for the truth of historicism as well, but such relativity contradicts the proposition's own strong claims to universality and necessity.
The strangest attribute of this quartet of works--which also includes "Bouchara," "Zipangu," and "Lonely Child"--is its incredibly appealing universality.