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The penultimate chapter, on union label campaigns and the Farah boycott, devotes about a quarter of its pages to what I would term deep background: the role of boycotts in the American Revolution; union boycotts' shifting legal status from the Progressive Era through the 1950s; the union label's origins in white cigarmakers' race-baiting of Chinese immigrants in the 1870s; and garment unions' label campaigns prior to the postwar era, when ACWA and the ILGWU began to deploy them as primary tools for organizing in the South.
It was a religious line of argument the Journal itself endowed with the authority of an article in 1929: "The union label aspires to be the emblem of humanism, even as the cross is the symbol of Christianity.
Buying American no longer implies the loyalty of the '50s or '60s, not for automobiles or sneakers or jeans or furniture or anything else; "Look for the union label" is a slogan of the past.
Her big break came courtesy of Simon Raymonde, of Scottish band Cocteau Twins, who decided to release 2003's Troubled By The Fire on his and Robin Guthrie's Bella Union label.
The talks have been complicated by Abbas' decision last month to bring his Fateh faction into a power-sharing government with Hamas, which Israel, the United States and the European Union label a terrorist organization.
When I was growing up buying clothes often led to the humming of the jingle, "look for the union label." We believed it was the way one shopped responsibly.
So when you go shopping, look for the union label. When you go job hunting, look for the union job.
Consistent with Scripps' editorial advocacy of labor unions, all of his printing-related employees were unionized and his newspapers carried the union label (p.
Lightburn's seven-piece band is 10-years-old, and had a good few releases under its belt before the current long player No Cities Left hit the racks late last year on the Bella Union label. But still they are seen as a new band.
The best way to know if a garment factory is "sweat free" is still to look for the union label.
Fighting for the Union Label chronicles the struggles of the ILGWU to organize the garment industry to put an end to the poor working conditions and low pay scale garment factory workers like my mother experienced in Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley.
In his first RA address as NEA executive director, John Wilson urged delegates to "wear the union label proudly" and propose solutions that improve education employees' professional standing.
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