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In the second quarter, young people aged 1524 accounted for 8,600 or 14 percent of all unemployed persons.
Newly registered unemployed in June were 21 404, of which 1708 were inactive, ie.
CM Jam Kamal said, provincial government seriously working to yield more job opportunities for unemployed veterinary doctors in livestock, wildlife, forest and food sciences department.
The number of registered unemployed are people aged 15 and over who seek employment and are registered as unemployed.
The second, the Survey of Unemployed Workers in New Jersey (NJ), asks New Jersey unemployment insurance recipients if they expect to be employed within four weeks.
Almost half of the unemployed are young adults or those belonging to the 15-24-year-old age bracket.
On the other hand, the unemployed declined by 5.69 percent to 2.302 million Filipinos from 2.441 million recorded last year, PSA data showed.
The agency explained that of the 20.9 million persons classified as unemployed as at Q3 2018 11.1 million did some form of work but for too few hours a week (under 20 hours) to be officially classified as employed while 9.7 million did absolutely nothing.
He added that of these, 126 PhDs were unemployed while the remaining 44 had ostensibly found some employment.
Amravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], June 1 ( ANI ): In an endeavour to facilitate the unemployed youth of the state, Andhra Pradesh government announced to give a monthly allowance of Rs 1,000 each to Unemployed graduate youth.
"The term 'unemployed' refers to an individual who is not working while he or she is capable of doing so and is actively looking for a job.