undivided interest

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Undivided Interest

A form of communal ownership in which all owners share possession jointly and severally. That is, owners with undivided interest collectively own a single piece of property rather than each owning a portion of it. Decisions regarding the property must be made as a group.
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undivided interest

Ownership that is shared with other co-owners,but not as to any particularly identifiable portion of the whole.

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8 Each co-owner must share in all revenues generated by the property and all costs associated with the property in proportion to the co-owner's undivided interest.
(Boulder, CO) has entered into a worldwide license agreement with the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester, MA) for its undivided interest in the seminal intellectual property on RNA interference (RNAi) technology covering short interfering RNA (siRNA).
The court looked to the cost of compliance with an injunction for a common fund's distribution and further noted that the settled rule is that when "several plaintiffs unite to enforce a single title or right in which they have a common and undivided interest, it is enough if their interests collectively equal the jurisdictional amount."
have entered into an agreement whereby MSA will have the option to acquire a 50% undivided interest in Guyana Goldfields 262,500 acre Nunavut, Coronation Gulf Property, it was reported June 7.
(11) If the investor then seeks to purchase 500 shares of ABC stock from that broker, the investor would pay the broker the market price for those shares and, in return, effectively would receive a 1% undivided interest in the broker's 5% undivided interest.
Bonner's estate was comprised of a fee simple 62.5% undivided interest in a ranch in Texas, a fee simple 50% undivided interest in real property in New Mexico, and a fee simple 50% undivided interest in a boat.
There is a long tradition, for example, of intermediaries (called trustees or agents) holding securities in a custodial capacity on behalf of multiple investors.(5) What is novel, however, is that in a wide range of international commercial and financial transactions, intermediaries hold assets in which they, as well as investors, share rights that entitle them to some direct beneficial or equitable interest in these assets ("beneficial rights").(6) This typically occurs where the owner of an asset sells undivided interests therein to investors, retains an undivided interest for itself, but continues to hold, as intermediary, the entire asset for itself and the other investors.(7)
said Tuesday its wholly owned subsidiary in Tokyo, Moeco Thailand Co., has executed a supplementary petroleum concession with the Thai government and acquired a 4% undivided interest in three mining blocks in the Gulf of Thailand.
Comm., TCM 1998-59 - A gift of a 50% undivided interest in timberland receives a 44% discount for lack of marketability and lack of control.
These are most commonly multi-family, multi-story buildings where the residents own their individual apartments plus an undivided interest in the common areas (lobby, elevators, hallways, pool, garage, etc.).
when two or more plaintiffs having separate and distinct demands unite in a single suit, it is essential that the demand of each be of the requisite jurisdictional amount; but when several plaintiffs unite to enforce a single title or right in which they have a common and undivided interest, it is enough if their interests collectively equal the jurisdictional amount.(12)
Any one of the co-owners may not contribute to the payment of expenses by renouncing so much of his undivided interest as may be equivalent to his share of the expenses and taxes.