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PMFTC's attempt to use the study as a supposed confirmation of what it has been saying all along--that there is illicit tobacco trade--is nothing more than an underhanded strategy to hit its local rival," Barzaga charged.
What I really hope to see changed in the aftermath of this lawsuit is the role of the daily newspaper from one of unwittingly colluding with underhanded and malicious tactics to one that shines a spotlight on them.
The case became an overnight sensation and a political football, with reformists saying Musavian was being attacked by conservatives as part of a general assault on the reform movement and conservatives accusing reformists of using underhanded methods to try to spring Musavian after judges reportedly found him innocent of espionage.
Detailing what she believes are heavy handed and underhanded practices, Degette and her co-author, Paisner, sound a call for the end of tyranny by the minority.
Lawsuits by Attorney Generals in Mississippi and Louisiana follow Katrina exposed the underhanded tactics of State Farm, as well as Allstate, Nationwide, Farm Family and others which underscore Governor Crist's' disdain of those insurers who "kick insured's when they are down".
An anonymous letter was sent, on 28 March, to, among others, the personnel and members of the EP in the form of an "alert to French MEPs and France's Permanent Representation to the EU" affirming that "insidiously, and in an underhanded way, holding plenary sessions in Strasbourg has been challenged".
Any true sportsman would not pound his chest in written macho fashion after getting the mentioned hunter to "bite at" your obviously well rehearsed and underhanded information gathering.
I cannot believe that a man as fine and decent as McCain would want to become President by the underhanded tactic of accepting the nomination of a party that loves him only for his appeal to the opposition.
Harty-Golder's comments helped to perpetuate a stereotype of lab workers as "lazy, know-nothing[s], trying to get away with something underhanded instead of doing their work in an efficient, appropriate manner.
If she still throws those underhanded envy-darts at you, consider demoting her from BFF status to just a friend.
Every so often, you hear or read about someone in the coaching profession, football or otherwise, who has done something underhanded or totally unprofessional.
Although many Republicans have still not openly criticized the president for the underhanded way he left them exposed, some have gone on record about the end result.