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1988) and included 60 ambiguous, 60 unambiguous, and 90 pseudoword (PW) stimuli.
67(e)(1)--custom, habit, natural disposition or probability--the Fourth Circuit concluded that the clear and unambiguous meaning of Sec.
Drevna said: "NPRA believes that the RFS credit trading program - the core of the proposal - must be understandable, allow unambiguous enforcement, and promote adequate flexibility for refiners and gasoline importers.
The stories are straight-forward and unambiguous with the protagonist always doing the right thing.
The task force hopes to change this unambiguous language.
And Rirkrit Tiravanija's early-'9os soup meals purport a congenial literalism--after all, Anastasi calls the scores for his conceptual works "recipes," and "Homage to the Unknown IV," 1961, a series of drawings of used toilet paper, is an unambiguous refere nce to the results of digestion.
From the definition of IGES (the Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) through the current STEP standard, NIST has been a leader in the quest to create a universal, unambiguous language for exchanging product information.
However, the Ninth Circuit rejected this argument on the grounds that the wording of IRC section 311 is clear and unambiguous.
Unfortunately for Steen's chosen sampling of the resulting critical heritage, Anglophone culture was for most of the period she surveys invested in finding very different things in Renaissance drama - solitary original genius, unambiguous morality, transcendence of material circumstances; as a result Ambrosia in an Earthern Vessel is, with an appropriate Middletonian irony, the definitive critical history of a virtual absence of critical history.
Teams defining complex business systems using iDoc Express gain quick consensus and clarity regarding their requirements and receive an unambiguous, enforceable visual blueprint for what to build.
The statute (regarding spousal privilege) was clear on its face, and in a situation where a trial court is confronted with clear and unambiguous language, you follow the language,'' said Joseph Pertel, Susan Jurcoane's attorney.
That assertion is refuted by the express and unambiguous terms of the Code.