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The philosophy that what has been done should continue to be done as long as there is not a positive reason to change it. Conservatives may favor class distinctions as natural, or at least not harmful. In modern times, conservatism has become associated with the political right, or the belief that capitalism and the free market tend to best determine how an economy ought to be organized.




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situates the book in the era of Ezra and Nehemiah and understands it as a critique of the negative attitude in postexilic Judah toward foreigners and as a critique of an ultraconservative interpretation of "scripture" (especially the Pentateuch) in the service of power.
Radio show shock jock/comedian Adam Carolla tore himself away from his 1-month-old twins to run the live auction for the cause, and laughed when asked about his recent tangle with ultraconservative writer Ann Coulter on his show.
Son Jerome falls in love with the Caribbean daughter of an ultraconservative Christian intellectual.
Ultraconservative religious figures have deemed some music on sale in the country offensive to their interpretation of Islam.
In an ironic move, ultraconservative President Richard Milhous Nixon signed Executive Order 11458 in March of 1959, mandating the Commerce Department to coordinate federal government programs to create and bolster black businesses.
They seem to be removing themselves from the mainstream of the church and are pushing themselves into an ultraconservative corner which may no longer appeal to many, such as me.
Against this social and political backdrop, Raber argues that gender played a crucial role in distinguishing what a male or female writer was able to accomplish in the genre: while men dealt with the implications for the aristocracy of changes in social and political organization, quite often through ultraconservative depictions of domesticity, women writers capitalized on revolutionary moments to redefine women's roles in social and political organization, including the role of women's speech in the public sphere.
Both are reputedly members of the ultraconservative lay Catholic order, Opus Dei.
Many coaches will fold under pressure and become ultraconservative.
But the artist believes that ultraconservative Volker Kauder might have finally decided it.
The directors of XYZ--much the larger in 1974--had moved quickly to fill the vacancy by elevating the trusted and ultraconservative executive vice president and controller.