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Convincing a customer that trades are necessary in order to generate a commission. This is an unethical practice.


To make both buy and sell orders through different brokers, usually in large quantities, to create the impression of increased interest in a security and thereby raise its price. An investor churns if he/she has a long position on the security and wishes to sell it at an artificially high price. Churning is a form of manipulation, and is illegal under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. See also: Fix.


An attempt to convince an individual to sell one product and purchase another product, primarily so the salesperson can earn additional commissions. In the brokerage business, twisting is usually called churning. Twisting, the more general term, applies to the sale of other products as well, such as insurance policies.
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The off-loading force from total twisting tension can be represented as
The first time a twisting kick appears in a pattern is at 1st Dan in pattern Ge-Baek in which there is a low twisting kick, then in the 2nd Dan pattern Juche, sang bang chagi is featured.
The Twisting Model also assumes that like the two opposing waves, lower-body and upper-body movement interference stores greater energy.
It is, ultimately, less about what they can do with twisted balloons than about what the act of twisting balloons has done for them.
Twisting wings could help pilots control their craft.
By solving mathematical equations that describe the idealized behavior of thin, flexible rods such as telephone cables or licorice sticks, Alain Goriely of the Universite Libre of Brussels and Michael Tabor of the University of Arizona in Tucson show that putting such a rod under tension can spontaneously generate left-handed and right-handed twisting behavior.
05 points on his first jump, a full double full full, or a triple twisting triple back somersault.
The twisting arises because these arching fields begin and end at "footpoints" in the sun's visible surface.
He basically said it's almost the same as twisting an ankle.
By twisting, coiling, and bending back on themselves, these colonies of bacteria create fibrous webs, eventually weaving themselves into what Mendelson calls "macrofibers" -- strands that look like Lilliputian ropes.
The flatter, or less spherical, the galaxy, the more rapid the twisting.
It was this extreme twisting that actually led to the bridge's demise.