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In the equities market, a reversal; unwind.


A change in a security's price trend.
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The young man turned round, surprised, and saw a dark complexioned girl, who, with a finger on her lip, held out her other hand to him.
She turned round and left the workshop as quickly and quietly as she had entered it.
When Houanda was later interviewed, he explained that Amelie had freed her arms from the child seat's restraint, and he had taken his hands off the steering wheel and turned round to assist her, worried that she would wriggle out of the seat.
The Voice UK BBC1, 7pm Given Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale's rendition of Tom Jones's classic Delilah in acclaimed movie American Hustle, we doubt the Welsh recording legend would have turned round for them had they auditioned for this show, but plenty of other wannabe stars have impressed his ears.
Once we had passed the policemen, the man driving in front of me in his grey Mitsubishi, slowed his car, turned round and tried to take a photo of the car crash and somebody else's misfortune.
Nationally, 62,909 troubled families were identified by councils across the country, with 1,675 turned round.
The plane, which has set off from Washington DC on Sunday night, turned round and flew two hours back west before landing safely yesterday morning at St John's in Newfoundland, Canada.
Without doubt if the German divisions had not been defeated and turned round at Stalingrad be absolutely sure this country would have been occupied DAVID JOHNSON, Bensham Road, Gateshead.
The lance corporal said he turned round and walked off as the Premier offered his hand during a Remembrance Day service last November.
I turned round and the man said something I couldn't make out, as if he had just brushed past me, said sorry then hurried away.
A MUM who turned round to tell off her two children drove into a lorry, killing all three, an inquest heard yesterday.
Police are trying to find out if the Passat driver was confused by roadworks near the Luton and Dunstable exit of the motorway in Bedfordshire, or had missed his exit and turned round.

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