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I looked him in the face, till he sullenly turned away, if not ashamed, at least confounded for the moment.
Prince Andrew screwed up his eyes and turned away. Pierre, who from the moment Prince Andrew entered the room had watched him with glad, affectionate eyes, now came up and took his arm.
He turned away with a shade upon his face and followed Trent out into the moonlight.
If the reader pleases, therefore, we chuse rather to say she resigned--which hath, indeed, been always held a synonymous expression with being turned out, or turned away.
With an imploring look into the nurse's face, Miss Polly struggled to her feet, and turned away. The nurse came forward quickly.
She glanced round for an instant, looked inquiringly at him, and with a slight frown turned away again.
It was his mother; and she turned away from him, and he fell down, down, down, amid a confused noise of shrieks, and groans, and shouts of demon laughter,--and Legree awoke.
Legree turned away, determined to let the point go for the time.
Maggie had no sooner uttered this entreaty than she was wretched at the admission it implied; but Stephen turned away at once, and following her upward glance, he saw Philip Wakem sealed in the half-hidden corner, so that he could command little more than that angle of the hall in which Maggie sat.
He put out his hand and pressed hers kindly before he turned away.
The marquis looked at his mother; she turned away, looking vaguely round her.
More than 100 guide dog owners from across the country converged on Westminster Hall in Parliament to share their experiences of being turned away by businesses because of their animals.