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At the beginning, I'd thought, 'If even one person turns around, I will be over the moon' - and they all turned around for me
He then turned around and sped off west along the A89.
His life was turned around by the Trust, and the boy I met was a credit to the human race, let alone his age group.
She turned around while I was reading aloud and whispered something funny.
She took one look and turned around and said, "I don't even want to know.
It was funny because while he was trying to be discreet, pretty much the entire lounge turned around and looked at us.
Founder and chief executive Ray Kelvin said: ``It was just a slower start because it was particularly warm weather, as soon as the colder weather kicked off that turned around.
They were about six months from bankruptcy, but we got things turned around.
We have expanded the use of the T-1 line to transmit to DoD both structured data and unstructured backup material for cases in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, which have been turned around in 24-48 hours on average.
It takes a lot of pushing to get these big institutions turned around.
He turned around Nissan, and could be the person to turn around GM.