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Securities bought and sold for settlement on the same day. Also describes a firm that has been performing poorly, but changes its financial course and improves its performance.
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1. A change in a security's price trend, especially from a downtrend to an uptrend. See also: Reversal.

2. A change in a company's situation from one of losses or low profitability to one with higher profits.

3. To buy a security, then to sell in the same trading day. See also: Day trader.
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1. The process of moving from a period of losses or low profitability into a more profitable stage. A turnaround may be triggered by a number of factors including a better use of assets or the development of new products and services.
2. A security that is in the process of reversing a declining price trend.
3. The purchase and sale of a security on the same day.
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Research has produced evidence that the responses to financial decline of successful turnaround firms characteristically include two sets of strategic activities that approximate the decline and recovery stages of a business cycle: retrenchment and recovery (Bibeault, 1982; Pearce and Robbins, 1993).
Almost 1000 larger and smaller tasks is planned during turnarounds in autumn.
Turnaround starts with getting all the hydrocarbon out of the refinery and into storage tanks.
The tasks involved in optimizing maintenance turnarounds are not difficult.
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The event was managed by SABIC's turnaround team in partnership with principal contractor AMEC Foster Wheeler.
Both academics as well as practicing managers may find this book useful and practical, primarily because it draws on the author's own experience as a turnaround CEO at HMV and turnaround consultant to many other companies to expand on four key components of a turnaround framework--asset utilization, cost management, renewal and rethinking business model.
The durability and consistency of plant equipments is achieved through an efficient and reliable asset maintenance management system, called as plant turnaround maintenance.
While there are many books and articles on how to design an effective school turnaround and boost test scores, many are not based in research, and often rely on single cases, such as a school whose test scores improved slightly after one year, rather than systematic studies of schools that improved over time, Trujillo says.
Hospitals including Fazakerley and Warrington are in the North West's worst six A&E departments for "turnaround" times, according to figures obtained from the region's ambulance service.