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Securities bought and sold for settlement on the same day. Also describes a firm that has been performing poorly, but changes its financial course and improves its performance.


1. A change in a security's price trend, especially from a downtrend to an uptrend. See also: Reversal.

2. A change in a company's situation from one of losses or low profitability to one with higher profits.

3. To buy a security, then to sell in the same trading day. See also: Day trader.


1. The process of moving from a period of losses or low profitability into a more profitable stage. A turnaround may be triggered by a number of factors including a better use of assets or the development of new products and services.
2. A security that is in the process of reversing a declining price trend.
3. The purchase and sale of a security on the same day.
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Walid Hadi, vice president of Oman Shell said, 'We are honoured to collaborate with PDO, Oman Oil - Orpic Group, Oman LNG and the local turnaround companies in the creation of a turnaround business model with a significantly Omanised workforce.'
"Turnaround is a large, but necessary investment to make sure our equipment is running at its best and to help us meet our owners' needs," says Matt.
Assembling these analyses, our client developed a master turnaround schedule--a detailed, comprehensive project plan including step-by-step tasks per job, expected job duration and expected resources, tools and costs (see Figure 3).
six at North in the and durin"I would like to make this the safest, most productive and most costefficient turnaround event that Teesside has ever seen.
The financial expenses and time overruns are due to the technical complexities, hazards and instabilities associated with the plant turnaround maintenance.
During the period of turnaround, highly complicated professional skills and highly difficult actions are required.
New research, conducted with support from the NAMM Foundation, reveals that from 2011-2014, students at Turnaround Arts schools demonstrated significant progress in student achievement.
Abu Dhabi: Khalifa Port has hit a further milestone for port productivity: the truck turnaround time at the port's ultra-modern semi-automated container terminal has now dropped to just 12 minutes, making the terminal the most efficient in the region.
In her book "Total Turnaround" Danette Joy Crawford carefully presents a program for getting break though in every area of life emphasizing twelve Turnaround Keys.
Los Angeles, CA, March 03, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The Turnaround Management Society is involved in an ongoing research project that looks at why companies fail.